Seed blog by USDA


I wish I could
Leave this place
And go back
To my one true home

Too bad that’s never gonna happen
And you’ll have to swallow me
The way I’ve been swallowing you

Don’t you think I’m gonna crumble and whither
I’m going to dig deep, yes
Grow under and through
This nasty soil of yours

But I’m gonna live
Try all you might
To stifle me
I’m gonna grow

Your rocks will test
The flexibility of my roots
Your poison
Will only make my antidote stronger
Your dryness
Is gonna fill my juicyness
I’ll suck all your crap
And turn it to lovely flowers

Laugh all you want
Of a small seed like me
But I’ll laugh last
When I become the tallest tree



Image: Seed blog by USDA (CC BY)

Author: Carolina

Interessada por fertilidade feminina | Sonhadora, escritora e desenhista — Dreamer, drawer and writer

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